DR Automation Solution
Business Service Availability Management solutions have evolved a long way since 2000s but not far enough; especially in multi-site and multi-mode, on-premise/ hybrid/ cloud configuration situations… that is until Observanteye developed DR Automation.
Accelerate Digital Transformation with DRA :
  • Assess the impact of the critical and unplanned IT outage on business financially
  • Unified CXO dashboard with real-time seamless information that empowers the stakeholders/ executives
  • Automation of business services continuity & availability management
  • Reduce impact of IT failure & improve RTO/ RPO for decision making and recovery
  • Auto-discovery of application infrastructure and application interdependency
  • Single-click switchover/ switchback
  • Orchestration for all technology layers
  • Heterogeneous technology platform supported
  • Mobile-ready offering
  • Script-less and agent-less product